Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Street Sign Tourettes

"Recker, recker, recker, recker, recker, recker, recker, recker, recker, recker"

Ellen: It is Josh's confession time. He has a serious case of street sign tourettes. Before you print up SST awareness shirts, this may be a one man disease maybe we just need a charity walk in a park with no signs. The dear soul that I love has a problem with reading street signs aloud and he drives through our city. The above phrase breezes through his lips each time we pass through Recker, which happens to be the main street that we live on in Mesa. There is even a method to it. He says the word exactly ten times.

Josh: I don't even have to count! It's a natural born rhythm, it just happens. I don't read the signs every time. Just when there is a lull in the conversation... and we are just sitting there... and God presents me with cool word in big green and white letters. TRY it... It is not as easy as you think.... Feels good tho... doesn't it.

Ellen: The problem extends further than Recker. Josh turn into "ET" every time we pass Elliott.

Josh: Ya... I do that

Ellen: Signal butte, is Signal Butt.

Josh: Tee hee hee. Brilliant. I love that.

Ellen: And heaven forbid, that we get on a stretch with no street signs, but loads of businesses, this is Josh's mecca. His SST goes into high gear, it's like lip gloss for a 7 year old girl. Sounds something like this:

Josh: Pizza HUT!, McSchmucks!, WallBART, Home DESPOT, TARCHET!, CHILLIESSSSS baby back ribs.....barbeque sauce.

Ellen: Oh yes, that's the other part, when it comes to businesses he can't say the right name, he has to say his made up version of the name.

Josh: It's a curse really. Can anyone help me?

Ellen: We aren't looking for a cure, just possibly some car distraction ideas to keep Josh occupied while in transit. But if you feel you must donate, we are accepting cash donations.


Anonymous said...

I love the street Sossaman. I look forward the the sing every time we are driving to Egypt (aka the Haws' House). I am also begning to love the street Dixileta. I think it's the X. Sassy...