Friday, July 22, 2011

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me!

Some bionic change has occurred in me in which I crave nutrients! I seem to desire to eat nothing but fruit and vegetables. My body may possibly be gearing up for the great fruit and vegetables war of 2011 in which mankind devours as many fruits and vegetables as possible in one day. Poor defenseless vegetables. Unguarded low hanging fruit, you are so easily picked off! How will you fight back? You can't! All you can do is make us healthy and for that we love you!

In this pursuit for total food group annihilation Josh and I made a groceries run last night. I needed broccoli salad (that is all I wanted for dinner). As we shopped the sweet fragrance of peaches called to me! Being ever the diplomat I made Josh buy his own morsels, it is every man for himself in this devouring. No sharing. And so in a fair turn of diplomacy, he taunted me on the drive home by deliciously eating said fragrant fruit. It smelled outrageously good and as he reenacted the "Mmmm...oooh, this is delicious" seen from What About Bob I couldn't help but laugh. Eventually he offered me a bite. Glorious!

As he quickly finished the first peach he dug around in the bag for the next. Suddenly he stopped and said, "Uhhh, my stomach hurts!"

I joking replied, "Probably because you ate the produce sticker and it is dicing up your intestines."

All color then dropped from Josh's face and he said, "There was a sticker?"

Guess the fruit can fight back.