Thursday, April 26, 2012

She's so cute!!

After 9 years of trying and finally being pregnant, my doctor is being a worry wart which frankly I love. It's nice to have him be so proactive.  As such I have already been to two 3-D ultrasounds and will have at least one more.  The bonuses are knowing I'm healthy and baby is awesome.  When I went to the Women's Ultrasound center this time they gave me a CD explaining that they'd compiled photos from my first ultrasound.  I waited very patiently for Josh to come home that night and we popped the CD in the computer to gaze at our adorable son. 

And we were awful.  Oohing and Aahing talking about how handsome he is.  Look at his little hands!  Oh what a cute nose!  Then about 15 photos in the next shot pops up and says, "It's a Girl!"  To which we both looked at each other shocked.  I'm immediately went into a rant about, "No, no, no!  It's a boy!" and Josh immediately goes into detective mode then starts laughing.  When I had finally settled enough, Josh simply pointed to the patient name in the corner.  Charlotte Haws.  Yeah, that's not me.    Yes the outside of the CD said, "Baby Haws."  It even has one of the many due dates I've sported during this pregnancy, easy mistake.  Then the giggles set in, we had just proudly parentally cooed at a totally random baby. Even pointed out genetically similar features. Yes, we are proof that you see what you want to see.

Congratulations Charlotte Haws and family! Your daughter is adorable!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pirate Eye

You know what is not cool? Waking up one morning and being totally blind in one eye. Then spending the whole day at the doctor, emergency room and ophthalmologist as my vision slowly returned and getting this medical gem of advice, "Weird things happen when you are pregnant." Hooray for medical advancements!

However, you know what is cool about temporary blindness? You start to consider your pirate name. Lucky for me I found my pirate name years ago when I was working claims with that one insurance company. There was a customer named Gwendolyn Goldtooth. Best pirate chick name ever. Captain Goldtooth has a nice ring to it, am I right? Also Josh says I'd look hot with an eye patch further proving I married the right man.

Lucky for me all is well, all vision has returned. Lucky for the safety of the seas I haven't gone rogue and started my pirating career. Because listen if the day ever comes, ye be warned. Ragnar Danneskjold has nothing on me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Voltron Wins!

Congratulations!! Thanks for playing again this year!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Peep off

Yes, I'm behind which seems to be my life lately. However, we got some killer entries this year. The winner will still receive prizes and glory, maybe just a little late.

Entry #1: The Red Carpet

Entry #2: Voltron

Entry #3: Peep Party

Entry #4: Peeps Garden

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