Friday, April 29, 2011

Bust a Myth: Faith cures Infertility

It is National Infertility Awareness Week and has challenge folks to blog about an Infertility myth. I’ve danced around with a few ideas, (Ovulation Vacation, anyone?), but kept coming back to the common misconception that faith cures infertility.

I would say that 85% of people who learn that we have tried for 8 years to have children without success usual take it upon themselves to try and share a tidbit of wisdom about conception. I know it is from the goodness of their hearts and so I’ve learned to smile and nod and go to my happy place. Everyone is trying to relate and be helpful. It is always with the greatest of intentions.

Some go as far to advises, “You must have faith. God can cure anything. Live worthily and pray he will answer.” And He does. We can find accounts in the scriptures of this. We hear testimonies shared at church, stories of families who have miracle pregnancies. But is conception the only way to cure infertility?

I would say no. Living worthily, asking and having faith has not allowed me to conceive but the Lord has provided me with many blessing. I do have faith that our Heavenly Father can heal the body. I am simply saying that I do not believe that is always His answer. Instead I have been blessed by having my spirit healed. I have been given reprieve from sorrow. I have been given strength. I have been guided to know that motherhood is still one of my roles. I have been given patience. I have not been forgotten, Heavenly Father knows me and has a plan just for me. And check me out folks, it’s a special plan.

Want to learn more about infertility? Check out this link: Want to bust a myth?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peeps Show Entries!

Entry one: Peep Kabob Entry two: Graham Cracker Campground

The submitter of the following four images wrote: "It all started out so well -- a lovely day at the lake. But somehow, that night, around the campfire at Graham Cracker Campground, it all went terribly wrong. The bunnies toasted marshmallows, the chicks roasted eggs, even the chocolate bunny skewered a chip to see how long it would take to melt!"

"Horrified I woke with a start. Thank goodness it was only a nightmare. Of course it could never really happen. Where would Easter critters ever get such an idea?"

Entry Three: Tweety Peep

Entry Four: Give Peeps a chance!

Yes, I took two late submissions as you can note by the date on the photos. Judge me all you wish, this earns me major brownie points in the Auntie world. Also who doesn't want to see light saber wielding peeps and a peep wedding?

Entry Five: Star Wars

Entry Six: Peep Wedding

Vote for your favorite using the gadget on the top left of the blog. Can't chose just one? Vote for many! Voting closes Wednesday at midnight so I have time to deliver the goods to the winner! Let the voting begin!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sub-Conscious Melodies

I estimate that once a week I wake up with the lyrics of a song or a melody on broadcast in my thoughts. I’ll sit up in bed humming, sing it to myself in the shower and finally have to say to Josh, “Yellow Submarine.” Then finally I can let the song go. One of my small delights in life is that Josh has this mental hiccup too . His internal DJ broadcasts on a totally different radio station then mine but it is one of the quirks we equally share.

Last Friday I woke to what I thought was a sappy 70s love ballad. At first I couldn’t remember the lyrics, but I totally had the melody on lock. It just kept repeating again and again. On the drive into work my brain assembled the following lyrics, “Why does my heart bleed now in the moOoooOOrning?!? And it trickles through the night!” After ten minutes of googling why does my heart bleed and getting medical journals, I gave up and called Josh. Did you know he is practically the Rain Man when it comes to musical lyrics?

“Josh, I know the lyrics are totally wrong but my song this morning is something I can’t remember and it’s making me crazy. Can you help me?”

“Umm yeah I’ll try.”

“Why does my heart bleed now in the moOoooOOrning?!? And it trickles through the night!”

There is a moment of totally silence and then he starts laughing and laughing. “Are you sure you want to know?”

Here I got a bit nervous, “Yes, it’s making me crazy.”

Then he actually played the song back to me over the phone, that’s right he had it handy.

“Yep! That’s it! Thanks Josh! Wait a minute… that CELINE DION?!?!” Now Josh is laughing even more. To my horror my sub-conscious has plucked a song from my musical nemesis. Celine Dion “Why Does My Heart Beat Now.”

Give me credit though folks, I didn’t know the words in the least bit.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Duh nuh nuh nuh!

Countdowns to challenges always make the think of the Rocky theme song. Super empowering song, sort of makes you feel like you could wrestle a mountain lion and win. You know the training song, with the punching and the running and the epic stair run. That's some quality inspirational filming. Please hum that to yourself while you read the remainder of this post. Duh nuh nuh nuh.... Ladies and Gentlemen, only six and a half days remain until Peeps entries are due! People are bringing the awesome this year. Serious contenders. They fought the battle with creativity and they came out on top! Bring the noise! Remember to get your entries to me by High Noon on the 13th. And thanks for playing, bless all you creative brains who want to play! You make me one happy camper.