Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hearts & Farts

This is just something I've got to document so 16 years from now I can look back and remember how grateful I once was that our son can pass gas. 

See E Man was born with two holes in his heart.  An ASD (atrial septal defect) and a VSD (ventrical septal defect). Heart holes are not cool. E Man was suffering heart failure by the age of 2 months.  Over a very long year, he had bi-monthly visits to the cardiologist.  Long doctors appointments, always at least 2 hours.  He suffered from what we believed to be acid reflux. He would have this scary intense gagging spells. Where he'd gag so hard he'd develop red spots on his forehead, his eyes would roll back into his head and he'd grasp for you to help him calm down. These attacks would happen multiple times a day.  Anytime he had gas or had eaten he'd gag.  It sucked, totally heartbreaking to simply hold a child while they suffer and find yourself saying again and again, "You are doing so good. It's going to be okay." Ugh.

At 14 months the doctors finally decided he was ready for open heart surgery.  And yes, it was scary but our boy did great! He was smiling within 24 hours and was released quickly from the hospital.  Recovery was not ideal, he developed a staff infection, but our boy never lost that amazing sparkle.  I think every nurse was in love by the time he was officially sent home.

And here we are 3 month out from the surgery and our boy is amazing. He is constantly on the go, just recently learning to crawl. He laughs loud and yells louder!  But I think the thing that pleased us the most is that he can burp and fart without all the gagging. I never thought I'd cheer for farts but I do.  The reflux and gags are completely gone!  How you might ask are toots tied to heart surgery?  I asked our surgeon the same question and he said to me, "Your body does extreme things when suffering heart failure." 

We are so thankful for our amazing son and for his killer personality.  We are thankful for modern day medicine, heart surgeons and nurses.  And yes, we are thankful for farts.