Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There is a technical support call….

I’m a mammal who likes my creature comforts. I have my “spot” on the couch. I have my floaty I like to lounge on in the pool. And I LOVE my air conditioner. So when it had some dicey behavior last week, I mourned. And so we called for an HVAC hero because after trying to fix it on our own twice, I was ready for AC Slater to be in full fighting form again.

They don’t mess around with heat in AZ, so HVAC superman actually came and saw us on the weekend. The heat had owned me at that point so I was soaking in the box fan breeze and lightly napping off a wicked headache. I’m going to let you experience this like I did, I kept waking up and catching parts of what was going on.

First, I heard the guy climb on the roof and whack a few metal things. Then Josh came in the room and shut the window, turned off the fan and teased me about cooling the whole neighborhood. I think I grumbled “AC?” and Josh said, “Yes ma’am, all systems are activated.” Nice Star Trek reference.

The next thing I heard was the gentlemen ask Josh what he did for a living. Josh told him about his computer wizardry and the HVAC guy who had just saved me from certain death told Josh he had a “notebook that wasn’t working too good.” My next memory is Josh and his new best friend joking and laughing and Josh getting the guy a drink.

Maybe an hour later Josh came in to check on me, I asked about his new best friend our HVAC hero. Come to find out, while our AC Slater was being revived, Josh was reviving HVAC’s notebook. I said, “It seems like he was here a long time.” To which Josh said, “Well yeah, it takes a long time to download Microsoft updates, it’s all good though we had a nice talk.” I’m pretty sure the guy fixed our AC in 30 minutes but Josh worked on his computer for at least 90 minutes and Josh loved every minute of it so you can't fault him for his random act of service! Maybe HVAC hero will throw in a free filter next time!