Friday, February 8, 2013


As aforementioned in this blog I have vivid dreams.  Vivid is kind of an understatement. Crazy colorful miniature mind movies is more like it. Starting about five years ago Alan Rickman started appearing as a pretty regular character in my dreams. Before you get all "whoa, she's wacko" let me just say I understand this is certainly special.  Clearly my mind has picked Mr. Rickman as the visual manifestation of my subconscious.  And I think that actually that is pretty innovative of my brain.  Alice had the Chester Cat, Pinocchio had the cricket, Tim Burton has Johnny Depp.  I have Alan Rickman.

The first time Mr. Rickman showed up he as a character in a novel that I clearly need to write because five years later I still remember all the details.  In this novel Alan is the moral compass of the book, guiding our heroine on a journey where she correct past missteps.  I think my mind liked him as the moral compass so much it just kept using him to keep me in line.

And so three to five times a year Alan Rickman appears in a dream.  He always introduces himself, "Hi! I'm Alan Rickman."  He's never dressed as Snape or Colonel Brandon, just as Alan Rickman. Then he narrates, clarifies, or point me in the right directions.  In the last dream he showed up to tell me I need more time with a friend who challenges my thought process and makes me a better lady.  Pretty good guidance.  Alan, he's like that. Always looking out for me.