Saturday, March 27, 2010

Peep Off!

The Peep Off Competition Judging starts today!! Vote for your favorite peeps entry using the voting tool in the top right hand corner. You choose the winner. Remember the Winner receives glory and bragging rights along with a prize package of Peeps paraphernalia. Voting closes at midnight April 1st.

Leaning Tower of Peepsa

Peep Pyramid & Sphynx

Hanging With My Peeps

Peep Airlines

Peeps School Work

Peep N' Slide

Peep War Scene

Friday, March 26, 2010

Peeps Deadline

Midnight tomorrow is the the peeps entries deadline! We have some good competition this year. I will post them Sunday morning for voting. Great creative and good luck!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I scored a pick at the concert! I'm almost thirty and I totally did a jig of joy and ran to Josh to show him my prize!! Woohoo! I was totally being rewarded!
Okay maybe it was because I was super close to the stage and karma might have paid us back for helping a girl find her drivers license & credits cards that she'd dropped in the dirt. While looking wham there the golden nuggets awaited, one for me and one for GPJ. We were rewarded bounteously! Whatever it was that brought us the good will, after probably 30 concerts I finally own a piece of the magic that happens on stage. I might tuck it in my pillowcase tonight.

Walk away me boys!

Today is a high holy holiday at the Haws household! It's a Patty's Day Bash with Molly for us. Thought you might want a taste of it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Power to the Peeples!!

“Spring time a ring a ding a ding time. Birds sing! A ding, a ding, ding, ding! Sweet lovers love the spring!” Mr. Wonka, you are a delight! Willy and I share a love of all things spring (perfect weather, spring training games, blooming cacti) but we also share a love of candy. And ya’ll Easter time brings out the best candies mankind has ever created. Starburst jellybeans, Cadbury eggs and glorious gooey scrumdiddlyumptious Peeps!

Last year I started a little competition – the Peep Off. (Yes I totally stole this idea from a newspaper, but it makes me happy!) The idea is to use Peeps as an art medium. There are no restrictions; the only rule is you MUST use Peeps!! I will tell you that last year’s winner already has plans for their submission. It’s on like Donkey Kong folks!

Okay so for logistical reasons here is the boring stuff: Submit a photo or video to the competition by March 27th. Email it to me at my dedicated Peep Off email: Submission will then be posted on the blog for voting. Voting will begin March 28th and close April 1st. Winner receives glory and bragging rights along with a prize package of Peeps paraphernalia. Fancy that, fancy feast!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nunchuck skills

Okay I told Jel she had 48 hours to blog this amazing story and she didn't so I am. We had a nice Sunday dinner with our friends and we are all sitting around enjoying some friendly banter when out of nowhere Jel yells, "Seriously guys! Check out my Napolean Dynamite neighbor." So we all sneak to the window and this is what we see.... (excuse my bad drawing, we didn't have a camera)
The neighbor was practicing his nunchucking skills!! And I immediately said, "Open the window, we gotta hear if he chanting or grunting or hiyaing!" But no, the guy is silent as the night. All you can hear is the whipping sound of the nunchucks flinging in the breeze which incidently sounds like a really ancient toy helicopter. So we close the door and we are giggling and starting to loose interest when the view suddenly changes to this.....

FIRE FLINGING NUNCHUCKING SKILLS!!! Now I need an excuse to go meet my friends neighbor because hello!!! I need this guy on the Red Dawn team.