Friday, August 22, 2008

New Jobs and their Titles

I get to start a new job on Monday it has a very lengthy name. Agency Field Support Staff. AFSS. I'll be working for my wonderful company still, just in a different department with our sales force. I'm already playing with my job title. I like the AF part because it is true, but I understand from the other SS crew that the job is much more than support. Here are some of the potential ideas....

Super Slueths
Secret Samaris
Spectacular Stars
Sassy Secretaries
Sanity Specialists

Not that I'd get it put on my card. I just want to think, "Ellen Haws Agency Field Secret Samari at your service" when I introduce myself. Because really how rad is that??


The Wixom Zoo said...

Yeah for Ellen! I think it's great that you're moving up - maybe one day you'll be an AFE. THat would rock! Congrats and good luck. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will be working your Afss off.