Monday, January 18, 2010

New Puppy

Help name me! My brother puppy is named Mario, so my parents are thinking Nintendo or Italian.


Stacie said...

alfonso, benito, dino, emilio, rico, fabio, gino, guido, leo, matteo, nico, romeo, tino, vito
Obviously I like the end the name with O, just like his brother.

Mario means warlike in Italian and so does Marco.
Mattino = morning in Itl.
Sero = evening
Giorno = day
Notturno = night
All pay homage to being discovered at the AMPM.
Angelo of course means angel, Josh says he was sent to him.

A few other Italian translations
cucciolo = puppy
riporto = retrieve
aureo = gold
bruno = brown

If his brother's name was licorice, I would then vote for butterscotch.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Luigi!!! (So cute, btw)

Shannon said...

We vote Luigi or Andretti.

TheWebshark said...

name the dog..... YOSHY

Jen Johnson said...

What the heck? When were you going to tell me there was an addition to the family? I think you should name him Yoshi and Ryan thinks it should be METROID!!! or Contra!!! okay okay so you dont like the classics. How about E-Honda?

Nancy Pitney said...

He's a cutie! I think everyone else's ideas are better than what I could come up with. DId you decide yet? Yes, Brighton is going straight to the Preston MTC. I didn't know your brother went there! I'll have to find out what areas he served in later. Brighton's pretty stoked.