Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mario & Luigi

Once upon a time there was our favorite dog named Mario. He looks a little three legged in this picture but he's not. He's a handsome regal beast, who let's Josh be the Alpha and Ellen be the love of his life. He's a perfect fit! But Mario needed a buddy, his life just didn't seem complete....

And so Josh announces one Sunday afternoon, "I'm going to find Mario a friend." And by Monday night we had another dog!! Josh was across town getting a soda at the AMPM gas station and there was a little puppy. He called to it and it came to him. After a thorough check from the vet and a promise he carried no disease that would hurt our Mario, we welcomed a little puppy!! Then began the name game....this was hard! We debated over Sero (evening in Italian..AMPM reference, my sister she's cool), Ryu (Nintendo street fighter character, loved it because he was a street dog) and Luigi (obvious reasons) were discussed and fretted over. After watching the dogs play and snuggle for a few days we settled on Luigi.

He has a white chest like Mario and a bit of white coloring on his toes. He has this amazing face that we finally got a really great picture of. He seems to be the wise old man of the two. He plays with energy but he is always the first to settle down. He not the cuddle bug Mario is. He's plenty happy to get his scratch, some love and then go lay on his bed to nap. All the puppies independent throw your paws up at me!! Mario loves it because then he can come plot down in my lap and snore for two hours.

We've got ourselves a gruesome twosome! Welcome home Luigi!! Now that I've re-read this it feels very Christmas family flyer but whatever.... pin a rose on your nose. Merry freaking Christmas.


Nancy Pitney said...

I'm so glad you brought him over to Jel's. He's adorable! I love the pic of him and Mario cuddling together. Too cute!

Shannon said...

Two sweet puppies for two sweet folks. We'll have to come visit again so our boys can get their dog fix (since I won't get them one). Of course, Kate will be outside cowering in fear, but she'll recover. :)