Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite phrases in the last week

  1. "Eventually they'll be a herd immunity and people won't get so sick." - Ok!!! Is Herd Immunity not the greatest new band name?? I was mega excited about it, ran home and immediately changed our rock band name.
  2. "I'm done talking to womens. They don't know as well as mens." - Yeah, I'd been trying to help this guy for half of the day with something and he now suddenly thinks "mens" are going to make it betters? Eat rocks and die.
  3. "Fruitcup." This is Josh's new pet name for everyone. How you doing, fruitcup? Take that fruitcup. I own you fruitcup!! It makes me laugh every time.
  4. "It wasn't really all that bad." Josh said this as we drove home tonight from a young women's sports event. 136 girls playing volleyball all at once. I coordinate it all and I bullied Josh into refereeing one of the courts for me. I thought it was fun but exhausting, he thought it wasn't really all that bad.
  5. "Bret Michaels?? He's so irrelevant!" Our book club got a bit distracted and started talking about reality TV. One of our members doesn't have cable and they were filling her in on dating TV showing on MTV. This is my favorite response ever!
  6. We just went outside to watch it rain and I was shivering away. My sweet husband looks at me and exclaims"Are you cold? I will hug you!" and then he mauled me! I love him!


Nancy Pitney said...

Herd Immunity and Bret Michaels being irrelevant! You've got to love book club! Sorry you weren't able to stay long--but I guess you got enough out of it, right? You're going to make Jel jealous she missed it! (There's always February!) Did you guys get that house you bid on? (She mentioned you bid on one with a pool--good luck!) Moving sucks--let's just get it out there. We just started and I'm ready to quit.

Jen Johnson said...

Hey fruitcup. I think that's Joshy's new pet-name for Ryan. That is just funny.