Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Doesn't it look like that's what the lady in the background is saying? Why does she look so surprised? And you know she made an audible noise. "Oi!" "Argh!" "Bwoink!" This is how I would be caught too, making a weird face and in my grey shirt and black pants. CURSES! This is why I am going to try to dress fiercer in 2010. I do like her shoes better than Gwen's though!


Nancy Pitney said...

I love that you're blogging more frequently now. The 12 days of blogging got you on a roll! So are we going to see you Friday night? Hope so!

Auntie Ellen said...

It helps I've been on a break from school too! I'm sure things will slow down when I'm homeworking again. I will be at book club on Friday.

Jen Johnson said...

That's funny. I agree with you. I need to be more aggressive in my wardrobe- it's just hard with limited funds. I have to buy the kids clothes first, then usually there's only enough for me to have my basic black shirt from Target. So let's go on a quest together to find cute clothes cheap!