Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Peeps are on the shelves, partners! And you know what that means? We’re gonna have ourselves a good old fashioned Peep Off!! Third year running! What’s that? You never did hear of a Peep Off? Well it only the single most intense and heated Easter Candy challenge on this here blog! You do your best to outwit the competition by submitting the best peeping art exhibit possible. The only rule is you must use Peeps as your main art medium.

Send your photos or video to my Peep Off email: peepsshow@gmail.com by High Noon April 13th. Voting will begin April 15th and end April 19th. The last man standing wins Peeps paraphernalia and glory! Now get yourself out there buckaroo and peep up the good work!


Nancy Pitney said...

I'm in! I've got to see if I can hold onto the title! :) Let the games begin!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Even though Peeps are handcrafted by Satan himself, I must admit, this looks like it is a pretty cool thing. Haha.

Jen Johnson said...

It's on like donkey kong.