Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aliens love Barry White

I sat straight up in bed last night at 4:00 AM with the full knowledge that I may have just dreamt the next Tony winning musical. How does one go about writing and producing a musical? The dream was so vivid I actually ran to the computer in the other room. Some people may have started frantically typing down the script but not me. No I frantically googled it to make sure the musical didn’t exist and that I wasn’t just dreaming something I had overheard. However, in a very reassuring moment I am completely original! Confirmed by Google! (How great would that be on a tshirt? “Confirmed by Google.” Bwah ha ha ha)

Okay if you will all virtually pinky swear not to steal my idea this is part of what went down. I woke up singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot with the image of aliens who are obsessed with the music that they can pick up from our world via radio waves. All kinds of music: gospel, pop, rap, rock, ska. They can’t get enough of it. So the show is kind of a fun musical review of music history across all genres. Also we get some good laughs with songs taken completely out of context. Their favorite artist? Barry White. Who doesn’t love Barry White?!?

I know exactly how the aliens are supposed to look, what the stage is supposed to look like, and I know some of the songs that are supposed to be included. Not to mention this is a show that could continuously be updated. After a few years, just do a “revival” and update the songs. You know Rhianna is going to have some new rubbish that you could add to the show.

And that is what would make this show awesome. Music is all about how much some songs speak to us and also how much we hate other songs. The aliens unabashed love of all of it, Who Let the Dogs Out included, could lead to a great message of acceptance. Or start riots in the audience when they bust out a little Chumbawumba.


Nancy Pitney said...

Ok Ellen--you totally have to pursue this! I would TOTALLY pay to see this! Love it!

Chris, Krista and Conor Bolton said...

Felon - I love you. I totally support this!! Thanks for the smile... :)

Carolyn said...

So glad I found your blog. You made me laugh on a day where I really don't feel like laughing. Thanks!
I would totally go see that show! Must include something to reference Kenneth Cope and his happy hands. :)
You are purely awesome!