Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eat more beef

Shhh....I have an insider tip. Want to know where all the hooligans hang out? Where the mini mobs plan there hits? It is where the ruffians go on a Saturday night. This may surprise, but it has a "C" that rhymes with "T" and that stands for trouble. My insider tip came from a local police officer.

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for a wide turn this weekend. And Officer Trusty comes to the window and asks us why we thought we had been pulled over, could it be the sixth person riding in the trunk area of the vehicle that was now lying on the floor that he didn't notice? Nope, it was because of a wide turn. He then asked for license and registration and as our driver pulls the documents out he gets looking around the vehicle and says suspiciously with the cop drawl, "You ladies coming from Chickfila?"

There you have it ladies and gentleman!! Chickfila! Be advised, apparently some serious shenanigans involving those delicious waffle fries take place. And if you must eat there just remember, spicy mustard dip will temporarily blind an attacker. Grab the corner of the packet and pull with force and the package will do the rest for you. It automatically spits every flipping time!


The Huwe Family said...

Ellen,it's BriAnne. I almost forgot how funny you were. Thanks for reminding me.:)

Lead Farmer said...

I guess we really missed out on Edgefest. No concert trip with Jodie would be complete without a police encounter.

The Wixom Zoo said...

You crack me up, friend. Thanks for the laughs - and the self defense tip. :)

TheWebShark said...

That's awesome! Those are excellent defense tips....Now I know how to keep Joshy out of my office. :-)