Sunday, September 7, 2008

Band name

In the illustrious words of Willy Wonka - "Mumbler! Seriously I can't understand a word you are saying!" However thanks to the incessant mumbler I frequently converse with I now have a great band name! We were a distance a way from each other so here is how the conversation went down and I'll write exactly what I heard not what she said.

Ellen: Wow, that guy can be high maintenance sometimes.

Mumbler: ::mumbling tones::, you seem to be strictly amigos though.


Mumbler: What?? Seriously you are so weird some times.

How great is the band name Strictly Amigos? I'm already designing shirts. The first shirt would look like you were wearing a sombrero and then slid it off your head and had it hanging around your neck.... you know, the front of the shirt shows just the image of a string the back has a big imprint of a sombrero and on the rim of the sombrero is printed Strictly Amigos. I'd wear it.

Our first album could be called En Fuego. And the cover can be three chihuahuas dressed up like this...

I tell you I am on to something here. Now I should go learn to play an instrument. Viva Las Strictly Amigos!!!


The Wixom Zoo said...

My band name has always been, and will always be, "Pinky Bear And The Stinky Squirrels". Ian said he'd be one of my stinky squirrels...