Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Christmas Story

Sunday at church for Young Women's we are teaching our Christmas lesson. The presidency had a really fun idea that each leader bring their favorite Christmas story and read it to the girls. Here is where my predicament begins.

I don't have a very large collection, or really no collection, or Christmas stories. I didn't realize what a Grinch I was. I come from good stock when it comes to these types of collections. My mom probably has 100 Christmas books. It is fun to visit her house and read them. Books about Santa, books about Jesus. It is a great collection. I just haven't caught the bug yet....

But then lightening struck this morning. I couldn't stop singing one of Michael McLean's Forgotten Carols. I realized I do have lots of Christmas stories, they are just all musical! I am looking forward to playing "Dream [Handel]" for the girls on Sunday. It is one of my favorite Christmas stories.


Nancy Pitney said...

Are you disappointed that I have never seen/heard/read the forgotten carols? It's one of my in-laws favorites, but somehow our family skipped them.