Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stop....Derby time!

Hey, angry people of Arizona, let's put aside our political differences for one day and enjoy the bliss of Kentucky!! Kentucky knows how to party! The only papers required are tickets and bets, how's that for fun? And the only things breathing heavily from their angry noses are horses! Everyone else is just slap happy, mingling, loving each other. Not to mention they are all wearing awesomely ridiculous clothing that is completely appropriate for the venue. It's an aristocratic version of Woodstock! And this is why I love it! It's hoighty toighty and yet still lovable, kinda like Michael Caine.

The derby is one of the random things I insist on going all out on. The whole family and anyone within my arms length I make pick a horse. This year I'm going with Dublin. Go Dublin Go! Found a website last year where you can create your own jockey silks, that's a new tradition. I'd be trotting my jockey out in light blue, purple and apple green. HOT MESS! I try each year to pretend I had $300 and could buy a derby hat. It ginormous...brings a tear to the eye of even the loudest of the purple and red hat club ladies.

But Derby day is where I shine or maybe go a bit crazy. I have a Derby menu I make every year. Non-alcoholic Mint Juleps, Benedictine (Pope dip), Henry Bain Sauce for the steak, Derby Pie. Delicious! We watch the really long pre-race show. Every year I wish I actually knew the lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home" just like all the Kentuckians in the stands. Then I stand the entire race and yell like a crazy person at the TV. The actually race usually last 2:00 minutes max. Totally worth it. The race is this Saturday. Now is the time, pick your pony!


Micah said...

Here are the official politically correct lyrics of the song. You can almost hear my sweet tenor voice . . .

The sun shines bright in My Old Kentucky home,
'Tis summer, and people are gay;
The corn-top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom
While the birds make music all the day.

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor
All merry, all happy and bright;
By 'n' by hard times comes a knocking at the door
Then My Old Kentucky Home, good night!

Weep no more my lady
Oh! weep no more today!
We will sing one song
For My Old Kentucky Home
For My Old Kentucky Home, far away.

It is tradition that Shannon cries during the song, which makes for nice contrast to the insane yelling and jumping to follow only moments later. So grab some tissues, a minty drink and some friends as down the stretch we come to the 136th Kentucky Derby!

Go Discreetly Mine!

Ellen The Felon said...

That was beautiful! I'm printing these so I can actually sing along!