Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caramel & Licorice

I've been asked for an update about the puppies so here ya go. And yes, I know they are dogs but I love them so forgive the mother like report. Josh took this majorly rad photo of our dogs when we took a homework break and went to the park yesterday. I love it. Both rear windows were down in the car but this is how they roll. My dogs are tight.

And they are thick as thieves at the park. They played with each other exclusively for the first 20 minutes simply revelling in the fact they had a larger area to do it in. Then they started making friends.

Mario is definitely the high strung one. He can run and run and run. If you say the word "park" in his presence he starts jump and honking (it's between and whine and a bark) he loves being out and playing. Our Mario, he loves intensely. When I get home for the day he follows me around until I sit down. Then climbs on the piece of furniture, stand over me and make sure everyone sees that I belong to him, that he and I are buddies. Once he's claimed me as his territory he snuggles right in and if I'll let him he won't move unless there is something to bark at.

Luigi is so chill, he has to be Polynesian. Luigi's version of fetch goes something like this. We throw the ball he chases Mario half way to the ball, then falls dead over on the ground, waits for Mario to do the rest of the running then gets up and chases Mario back to us. Luigi is a leaner. You'll be standing doing dishes or folding laundry and Luigi will come and find you and sit on your feet and lean into your legs. He has gorgeous golden eyes and this way of staring at you that just makes you know he loves you. Our local sister-in-law was getting the love stare last weekend and said, "Oh! Luigi has eyes just like Edward from Twilight." Maybe that's where Stephanie Meyer's got her inspiration. Edward is a hound dog. Lastly, Luigi doesn't not cuddle. Sure he'll let you love him for a few minutes but then the boy wants his space.

Okay that's our boys! Won't this be fun when I'm updating you on our children some day?


Nancy Pitney said...

Hey, coming from someone who had dogs way before she had kids, I still appreciate the update! My family used to tease us about how we treated them like kids, but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. They're adorable and I'm glad you're enjoying them! They're helping you get ready for parenthood!

Jen Johnson said...

Thanks for the update! Your dogs are tight.

Meg said...

Hey, I found your blog! :) Send me an email to and I'll email you an invite to ours. Fun to read about your little guys. They sound cute and I want to pet Luigi, even if I'm not a dog person. lol! :) And I liked reading about your Peeps contest. Too fun! See you at church! And good luck with finals and such.