Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TV has replaced imaginary friends.

You know you've had too much TV when:

I can't drive in the car without wondering if the song on the radio would be a good American Idol audition song for me. I try out a verse or two and then think, would this grab the judges attention or would it be too obscure? What would Kara say?

I've assigned characters from Heroes cheeky nicknames like we are pals. Pout than fit, White Wizard, Chief Clueless, Dr. Screw-up. I do this with acquaintances in real life, but let me remind you (and me apparently) these people aren't real.

I find myself seriously desirous to make pie and catch myself trying to speak in rhyming candor with my closest friends. (Pushing Daisies, if you've never seen this show you are seriously missing out.)

I wasn't feeling well this weekend and I caught myself doing a differential diagnosis with the characters from House about my health. When I realized I was even doing all the voices in my head I heard House say, "You idiot. We aren't real. However, Idiots are fun. No wonder every village wants one."