Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have a virtual shoebox full of unusual websites that I regularly visit hidden under my bed. I like to keep them to myself, but in response to the awesomeness of this item I found I'm going to share one. I frequent because I love people when they unintentionally expose a part of themselves. I think it's funny and beautiful and inspiring. I think actually you could categorize most of my shoebox websites as "Society Sushi" sites! Raw and delicious. Society Sushi….I should patent that stat.

Found magazine is a site/magazine where people submit letters or photos that they have found. You'll see that a lot of people just find them on the floor or in the street. Everything from grocery lists, to high school love letter are submitted. But this gem I found on the site a few days ago -

$32.08 for a new career and it can be bought with a MasterCard. Why am I paying for college when a brighter future awaits me at TJ Maxx? These are life's deep questions. Along with why did Juicy Fruit gum change colors from white to neon yellow? Now I feel like I'm chewing on a highlighter nubbin. AND why does my shred box at work have "No Hot Ashes" printed on it. Was there a rash of shredder box fires from cigarette butts I haven't heard about? AND lastly, what better curse in the world could there be than this, Flea infested armpits. Not comfy.