Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joshy's Uber Quirky Time

Quirk One: I have a strict morning routine that I following. I shower and dry in the exact same pattern every day. If the groove is disrupted serious repercussions ensue.

Quirk Two: I am a compulsive towel liner upper. Both in bathrooms and in kitchens over the stove handle. I will do it in acquaintance's homes. They don't dry evenly if they are askew.

Quirk Three: I sleep in the same position every night. More of a necessity than a quirk but there it is.

Quirk Four: I have been know to purposely anger Ellen over trivial matter just to witness the fury. When Ellen is angry I find her adorable. She pouts, stomps, and lobs at me things like shoes, remote controls, blunt heavy easily reachable objects... mind you we are fighting about where we might go for dinner. Here is the kicker, I do this all because in mid-tantrum inevitably I can charm a laugh out of her and it just makes her more mad but she is laughing and so.....I win.

Quirk Five: I will read anywhere between two and six books at once. Well not at the same time just concurrently. Whichever one is closest to my perched position I will read it.

Quirk Six: When shopping at in electronic sections at stores (especially computer sections) I tend to butt into conversations between other customers and idiot sales people that wouldn't know the difference between a USB port and a hole in the ground. I feel a moral obligations to save random strangers from purchasing more than they need to thus foiling geek squad's regime. I HATE THOSE GUYS.

Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.