Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was mocked a bit for my snuggies obsession of earlier this year. But just so you cool cats know, all the really cool kids know that awesomeness that is snuggy.....

Or as I prefer to call it, the wuggie!! That's right, no more mocking! Weezer even loves them! And we all know Weezer = Cool.

My wuggie is on back order right now but I promise you all some very high fashion America's Next Top Model shots of me rocking my wuggie when it arrives!


Nancy Pitney said...

jel told me about that--are you bringing it to book club to model for all of us?

Jen Johnson said...

That is awesome. How have I not heard about this before? Dang- that would've been a great Christmas present. I guess we'll have to get one for Joshy so you two can match.