Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where's all my Peeps?

I love spring. I love green grass, blooming trees, spring training, the feeling of being twitterpated. (Thank you Bambi for some outstanding lingo!) I love me some springtime. I also love it because it mean Easter, which means Easter candy….which means PEEPS!!

I consider myself a Peeps aficionado. Purely based upon consumption. I am sure I have eaten hundreds of Peeps over my lifetime. I can tell you that without a shred of doubt, chick peeps are better than bunny peeps. The sugar/mallow balance on a chick peep is yin-yang like in its perfection. Bunny peeps there is too much sugar which means too much mess. Also when you separate the bunnies they lose their form, which causes them to lose major presentation points. What do you want to eat? A perfect shaped chick or a deformed bunny? Also…. Don’t waste your time…just buy yellow. If you must, pink than blue. But yellow is the way to go. Classic and tasty, sure the sugar isn’t flavored, but I promise they taste better. Wouldn’t an Iron Chef episode with the secret of Peeps be the best?? And did you know that peeps are an art medium? That’s right….check out the Peeps Show!! Sounds sexy but it’s g-rated I promise….

So bring it. I challenge you to a Peep Off. You don’t have to do a diorama just do something fun with Peeps and take a photo or a video and submit it to the competition. Submissions can be sent to me at to be posted on this blog. Final submission date of April 7th. We’ll have voting on April 8th, with a winner announced April 9th. Winner will of course have tons of glory and I will mail you a Peeps Prize package with yellow chick peeps and other Peeps paraphernalia.

Game on! Watch for my submission this week!


The Huwe Family said...

I share your love of Peeps. As a matter of fact, every missionary package I ever received from home contained these tasty treats. I even agree with you about the yellow sugar.....however, I love the bunnies (but I'm a sugar junkie who drinks Kool-aid for breakfast, so don't take my word for it).


The Wixom Zoo said...

So, Carolyn's family have peep wars. The put their peeps in the microwave and see which one gets bigger faster...sounds like fun, eh?

Stacie said...

I love all your quirky little things like this. Peeps, you get it from Dad he loves them.

Auntie Ellen said...

I didn't know Dad had a love of Peeps. That makes me warm & fuzzy & hungry for some peeps.