Thursday, March 12, 2009


For probably a whole summer of my marriage Josh and I would go over to the Wixom's house pretty much nightly, wait for them to put their kids to bed and then the four of us would run downstairs and play Mariokart. It rocked!! Josh always picked Mario as one of his drivers because when you pick Mario, he would taunt the other drivers with, "I'm a Mario! I'm a gonna win!" Josh still pulls that out from time to time.

Well, Mario wins again! He has found a way back into our homes as the names of our new puppy. Mario is a 10 week old Springador (half Springer Spaniel/half Labrador) puppy. I've attached photos so you can see our handsome little devil. I'm totally enamored with him. As a matter of fact, as I type he sits in my lap with his chin in my left elbow, just chilling.

Welcome home Mario. Any dogs who would like to challenge Mario to a foot race, give up now...He's a Mario! He's a gonna win!!!


Staci Kramer said...

Shut Up!!! so freaking cute! A perfect match for you guys. now I have two reasons to come dog and new snuggli. I feel like we should throw you a shower or something!

Courtney said...

our puppy takes your challenge to a foot race. our little prancing Zeus has feet larger than my brother's pit bull!!

yours is too cute though!! he actually looks a lot like ours, at least coloring wise! congrats on your new peeing, pooping, chewing and snuggling baby dog!! hope he doesn't learn to open doors like ours did! :)

The Wixom Zoo said...

Awwww....cute! We totally miss the Mario parties, by the way. Now we have a Wii, so there are even more races and MORE characters! Come play! Come play!

Stacie said...

He is adorable! I want more details. Where did you get him from? How long have you wanted a dog? Why did you pick a springador? What will Mario do when you are at work? Who walks him? Who cleans up? Are you taking him to doggie training classes? Tell me more.

Micah said...

Jonah love Mariokart and could beat either of you! And he love the new dog. He's a handsome little puppy. We'll have to come visit and check him out, that is if we survive Willis Rex Shirts up in Oregon.