Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jingle Jungle

How do you birds do it? How do you become accessorizing masters? We could literally be in the same outfit, black shirt and jeans and you look all hip and cool and I look all drabby and full of teenage angst! Teach me Obi won!

I've secretly picked out my accessories champion and I'm trying to master her great and powerful style. She is truly a superior accessorizer. An icon of all things that clasp - bracelets, necklaces, shoes, earrings. It's mega. She's got the ability to make a statement with a piece of flair. She's my bling idol.

Oh and my favorite thing about her? She never, no never, jangles. You know what I'm talking about. I swear she does the shake test before she leaves the house and if it rattles it comes off. You can admire her visually without having to hear it. No clankity clank, tinkle tink, bang whomp kapow! And I think that's half of her magical power, she's silent like a stephanie meyer's vampire and it draws you in. You feel the need to come closer because you have to see if she's wearing something you can't hear from three offices away that she has a bracelet on. The song isn't Silence is the sound of your bracelets clinking. No the song is Silence is Golden.

I'm onto your jewlery mantra, good accessory lady. Give me like maybe another 5 years in your presence and maybe I'll understand the art of necklaces and earrings that "go together" not match.


The Wixom Zoo said...

Yeah, I'm an accessories dummy. I can't do it without feeling like an over-dressed schmuck. Good luck, friend. May The Force be with you!

Airan said...

Let me know when you've mastered it and you can be my Obi won! I try and I feel like I fail! Teach me!

Jen Johnson said...

At least you are trying to accessorize! I gave up a long time ago. If you figure it out- let me know and you can become my jingle-less idol!

Anonymous said...

just channler your inner old lady! GPJ