Thursday, December 11, 2008

My new favorite thing

Forget my love of all things Will Ferrell, I have found a new thing to love!! Snuggies! I'll make a believer out of you too. Check out this informational commercial or infomercial, aren't words almost as fun as Snuggies??

A blanket with arms?!? A modern marvel...I can be warm and inadvertently look like a monk! How great is that? Its functional too...I can change the channels and call in to buy my Snuggie! I love the commercial too, it's a whole family of monks eating, reading, watching tv. It makes me giggle every time.

Is it wrong to want one just because it makes me laughs every time I see it or say the word Snuggie? Wouldn't Snuggie be a great name for a rat dog or a british band?

"Hello out there, we are the Snuggies! Enjoy our new song - Wrapped in Warmth."

I'm giggling even now. I know in my mind it is ridiculous, this is why we have sweaters and coats and armless blankets. But my frost-bitten arms are begging to be warm and functional.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a Snuggie....




From the Life of Jen B said...

That's awesome! The infomercial made me laugh histerically!! LOVE IT so much i had to add it to my facebook profile..Thanks for the good time :)